Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Different Types of Organisms

There are many different kinds of trees, plants and animals living in the lake. The lake has got coniferous trees, deciduous tree, different kind of colorful flowering plants. It has got a lot of coconut trees and banana trees. We even spotted a pong pong tree. It was located near the lake. I think is located there for fruit dispersal. We saw a squirrel it was running here and there. But, unfortunately it ran too fast and we could not get a snap of it. We saw a Banyan tree. It had a lot of hanging roots. My friend and I tried to hang on it and play but in vain. We fell down and hurt ourselves. Luckily we only had minor injuries and were able to continue looking. We even saw a dead tortoise. Man's activities has caused it to die. When we reached there it was being broken down by decomposers. I have gone there when I was young. It has changed a lot since then. When I went there there was only a few park. But now the place is filled with parks for different ages. It has got a lot of tracks for running, cycling, and walking. It was really fun being at the Jurong Lake Park. Its a place where we should go with our family members it has got a adventure playground and a mini skateboard ramp for teenagers like us.

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